Massage RoomWe are proud to offer quality massages and facials at affordable prices by both male and female therapists. All of our therapists are certified by the State of California. You will be properly draped (covered) at all times during all our sessions. We offer the following types of Massage:


Perfect for first-time clients! This is the most common massage style, incorporating long, flowing strokes that increase circulation, stimulate the nervous system and induce natural relaxation.

Heavy Handed Swedish

A blend of pampering and deep massage techniques, this massage uses medium pressure and is especially good for those who have had massages before.

Deep Tissue

Targets specific areas of muscle tension or adhesions using elbows, forearms and hands. Deep Tissue massage reduces tension, improves posture, range of motion and pain. Not recommended for first-time clients.


Helps the mother-to-be to reduce the many strains her body encounters during pregnancy. Special attention is given to ankles, legs and lower back. This massage is done in side-lying position. Client is responsible for obtaining consent from her doctor or midwife before receiving this massage.

Couples Massage

Couples Massage RoomThis session is perfect for those who would like to enjoy their massages together in the same room. Husband & wife, mother & daughter, partners or just good friends. Any style of massage except the 90 minute Hot Stone can be done as a couples massage.

Hot Stone

Experience “liquid heat” as your therapist places hot stones along your spine to open your charkas and release your “chi” or energy. Your therapist will also use two “working stones” combined with oil to massage your entire body and melt away the stress!

Thai Massage

Sometimes called “assisted yoga”, Thai massage incorporates gently stretching and kneading the muscles to improve range of motions and complete relaxation. You will remain fully clothed and loose, comfortable clothing is requested.

Trigger Point

Addresses specific points in the body that are “holding” stress. Pressure is applied to the trigger point and held until release.

Sports Massage

Perfect for the athlete who suffers from aches and pains. Specifically targets the areas used for your sport or activity, incorporating stretching, heat and/or ice.


Also known as “energy work”, Reiki is an ancient form of massage that involves deep focus by the therapist. Hands are placed on various points of the body to move energy and restore balance and peace. You will remain fully clothed and loose, comfortable clothing is requested.

Foot Massage

Using reflexology, your foot massage starts with a nice, warm soak followed by an exfoliating scrub and then a soothing massage of your feet and ankles. Ahhhhh!

Chair Massage

A quick pick-me-up for your neck and back while fully clothed. Perfect for your lunch break, you’ll feel totally energized!